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What I Do

Below you will find a few of the services I offer and most importantly, how they can benefit you.

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I help clients to live more comfortably in their home by working with them to free up space and removing clutter and reorganising rooms to improve their daily lives.

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I help clients to downsize their homes by working with them to sort through their possessions and choose which items to take to their new home and then organising the donating and selling of unwanted items.

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Moving House

I help clients to successfully move home by preparing a property for sale, removing clutter and personal items so it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible, and reorganising each room so every piece of square footage is in use.

I help clients to unpack and settle in to a new home and make plans for organising their new space.

I am a partner with The Senior Move Partnership and help clients to downsize and move to a property for retirement.

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I help business clients by creating more practical, efficient and effective working environments to improve well-being for staff, foster a more professional image for customers, and improve productivity.

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Working from home

I help clients who work from home by designing practical and attractive home office space.

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Hoarding Behaviours

I help clients with hoarding behaviour to live more safely by providing practical solutions and hands-on assistance to support their need to work towards creating a more welcoming home.

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Creating a space for mobile technology

Bring all of your household’s devices to one space (e.g. a table). That’s every device, every cable, and every charger.

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Clearing your home of paper

Collect together all your newspapers, magazines, journals, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, junk mail, flyers and menus.

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What’s your treasure?

One misconception about professional organisers is that we make people throw things away; this is absolutely not what we do.

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Thank you Gail, I couldn’t have done it without you as I would have felt completely overwhelmed. You were calm and kept your eye on how I was feeling all the way through and you helped me to make my own decisions by weaving things into conversation which made it less painful.

And on move day you were so calm that was I never in any doubt that you were in complete control and knew exactly what was going on at all times.

Mrs GH