man on mobile

Creating a space for mobile technology

Bring all of your household’s devices to one space (e.g. a table). That’s every device, every cable, and every charger.

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Clearing your home of paper

Collect together all your newspapers, magazines, journals, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, junk mail, flyers and menus.

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What’s your treasure?

One misconception about professional organisers is that we make people throw things away; this is absolutely not what we do.

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folding clothes

Decluttering – will it be like it is on television?

Programmes that show homes being decluttered and restyled in two days are misleading. At first, they show a house full to the brim and a just a few days later all is sorted.

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Seat storage

Extra ‘sneaky’ storage

Crofters have a good idea when it comes to extra ‘sneaky’ storage; their chairs have a drawer under the seat; very useful if you live in quite a small space.

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‘I want to declutter, but can’t find the motivation’

Does finding the motivation to declutter and organise your home prove difficult, and the more you think about having to do it are you less likely to begin?

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surprised woman

What not to do when decluttering and organising

Here’s what not to do when completing a declutter project:

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