Decluttering – will it be like it is on television?

‘No’, is the short answer.

Programmes that show homes being decluttered and restyled in two days are misleading. At first, they show a house often full to the brim with all kinds of things and a just a few days later all is sorted and resolved and the house looks great.

What you don’t see (my spies tell me) is that there are often lots of people working on the project and they remove things from the house, store them in a warehouse and then put them back again if the homeowner is struggling to adjust to living without their possessions. Removing everything at once coupled with a house full of strangers can be quite upsetting, particularly for those living with hoarding behaviours

In real life if you want to begin decluttering start with small, manageable projects like a drawer. Unless of course, you know an interior designer, a cleaning company, a joiner, a painter and decorator, 12 burly chaps willing to work in shifts including the nights, have access to a warehouse and a own couple of very large vans.

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