‘I want to declutter, but can’t find the motivation’

Does finding the motivation to declutter and organise your home prove difficult, and the more you think about having to do it are you less likely to begin?

When you have a three course dinner do you have every course on one plate and attempt to eat it all in under a minute?

Decluttering and sorting is like sitting down to this dinner, where of course you would eat one mouthful at a time slowly, course by course, and then at the end you would sip your coffee.

Think of a project in this way. Let’s say you want to sort your footwear; break the job down into small parts. Begin today with your trainers and if you have a lot, break them down further by colour or purpose. Then go on to work shoes, going out shoes, boots, etc. One type at a time.

This is how I manage my own things; I call these projects ‘audits’. I did my own shoes the other week in this order; walking boots, running shoes, blue trainers (I only wear trainers – but some do have glitter on them), black trainers, purple trainers, snow shoes. Each day I spent 15 minutes doing my shoe audit; it seemed like little effort and they’re now sorted.

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