Sorting out your Christmas decorations

This time of year is dark and cold and Christmas decorations do bring a bit of sparkle.

As well as having a tree and decorations many people now put fairy lights inside and outside of their home and all of these items need storing for more than 11 months of the year.

Where do you store your decorations? Is the storage it fit for purpose? When you take your Christmas decorations out of their storage consider if you need any more or if you need to edit them. Think about the ideal place to store them after Christmas and begin to prepare the area now so it’s ready for January.

Having the ideal place for your tree, decorations and lights will mean that you don’t have to see them all year round if they’re in your spare room, or move them to get to other things if they’re in the front of a cupboard. It will also mean that taking them down and putting them away should be less time consuming.

My decorations fit into a biscuit tin as I’m a bit of a humbug; I do have fairy lights and candles in my house though as I love to see them.

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