What’s your treasure?

One misconception about professional organisers is that we make people throw things away; this is absolutely not what we do.

When I’m with a client I reassure them that, ‘it’s not about throwing things away, it’s about being comfortable, organised and happy in your home’. Items that are sentimental to someone are never something to treat lightly; I call these items ‘treasure’.

What’s your treasure? This will be entirely personal to you and will be items that hold both emotion and meaning. I have a wooden box covered with shells, a dress I had when I was 19, a story book I had as a little girl, my teddy, and a number of other items.

None of these things have any monetary value whatsoever and only I know why they’re special. I keep these things in my treasure drawer.

Have a think about your treasures and decide if you will display them where you can see them, or keep them in a particular place like a lovely box. Enjoy having them; they’re your special things.

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